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The SECRET of MEGALITHIC BAALBEK, LIBANON fallen angels & SUNGOD the serpent holder videos Site
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Added: Jul 11, 2011

From: Burkard

Duration: 2:30

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Channel: Education


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nachomao Says:

Aug 13, 2011 - I SAW INTER-DIMENSIONAL LIGHTS IN THE NIGHT SKY ON 10 - 10 - 10. I know a GATE will open again on 11 - 11 - 11. We will be able to interact with interdimensional beings. Great vid ! Anti-Gravity devices using sound and magnetism were used to create the SERPENT HOLDER amazing TEMPLE. Though it could have been materialized from a higher dimension thru THOUGHT. Thoth. A 8 M. ALFA OMEGA INFINITY WAVE. 22 - 8 - 2013. BE LOVE & CREATIVITY. BE HAPPY TO BECOME ETERNAL.

RevelationMediaCo Says:

Sep 14, 2012 - what do you know about Tartarus and the possibly that Ephesians 6:12 suggests that fallen angels reside in the heavens as well? what if all the planned rituals and wars that are whitewashed on a daily level are preluding to movements unknown in space? nasa has called an entire mountain region on mars "Tartarus" aka the cube that God instructs Satan to chain his rebels inside of.

Luscus _-=I\/I.I).GE!ST=-_ Says:

Dec 1, 2012 - man can do this watch?v=j9w-i5oZqaQ

Samy Macqueen Says:

Dec 16, 2012 - Also...if you google atlantis and look at the map, Berlin will be shown 2 shops there. what's interesting though is the airport Berlin Tegel that's also shown and the streetnumber...it's 111...1:11 is the return of the son of man in the bible...the return of jesus

GlobalMagik Says:

Jul 29, 2011 - Awakening of the Consciousness through the Minds of Humanity We are either moving forward or falling behind. Nothing stands still. On 12.12.12 humanity will forget about its self for a moment as we look to the sky our minds will join and we will embrace the forgotten dimensions. Earth is the breeding ground for the brain. The brain is a living organism that can only be created through human reproduction. The spirit requires the brain to create. The brain requires the vessel to survive.

Kenpachi Zaraki Says:

May 14, 2012 - ROGAN

SuperEarther Says:

Jul 11, 2011 - mass structures = anti gravity devices

Burkard Says:

Jul 11, 2011 - @SuperEarther The higher dimensional luciferian beings have more than earthlike power, they can easily levitate them from their dimension

Ian Hausser Says:

Jan 31, 2012 - @SuperEarther yes, anti gravity devices, such as the ones used with quartz crystals, and quartz covering of structures to channel electrical currents to and fro objects in some Egyptian pyramids... that´s called science, physics and energy, but most people, out of utter ignorance call it a mystery or a false statement to say that anti gravitational devices existed and were used in "ancient" times

SuperEarther Says:

Jul 11, 2011 - @Burkard interesting.......i thought their secret was from magnetics and this is also found in masonic structures and also coral castle......

Quincy Raymond Says:

Aug 15, 2011 - I love the music! It's from the move score for ARMAGEDDON!

78tpel Says:

Jul 19, 2011 - cool video

fran paco Says:

Jan 28, 2015 - Dinosaurs existed at that time but they were called dragons. Also, did giants the seed of Satan you are right about that.